Help your pet overcome pain & anxiety

CBD has long been used for pain management and relief from anxiety in people.

We offer the highest quality line of CBD products to help you manage pain and anxiety in your pets.

We have CBD products to help your dogs, cats, or horses with:


Calm anxious pets - bring an end to miserable car rides!


Support joint health to increase mobility in aging pets


Provide relief from pain caused by arthritis, cancer, and surgery


Reduce scarring and regrow hair after injury

Our tincture uses 100% all natural ingredients without any THC.  These 2 incredible products were designed for pets with mild to severe and life threatening illnesses.  We use these products for our family and now we are making them available to you.  With Nano Technology, we have brought you a fast acting CBD product your pet deserves.

Healing starts with you

Our pets are our family

Bubba Dog

Is CBD safe for animals?

The answer is yes, natural CBD is great for our loved ones. It compounds in the body for healing & many other ailments.

Can CBD hurt my pet?

No, there are no studies that have been shown to harm any animal, in fact you cannot overdose on CBD.

How do I use CBD for pets?

It really is very simple. Each product is labeled with instructions. You can spray or drop CBD orally or on their food.

Is CBD legal in my state?

CBD is very legal and very safe. Helping Pets Heal ships throughout the United States and several countries abroad.